Make Your Property Accessible to Those With Special Needs

Make Your Property Accessible to Those With Special Needs

Special needs accommodation structures
in Greenville, SC

Special needs accommodations are helpful in some residential applications to ensure residents and visitors have access to entryways and throughout the home. Special need accommodations for commercial applications, however, are often required by local building codes. Whatever your need for an easily accessible property, rely on Cornforth Construction. Call today to discuss the special needs accommodations that are needed in your home or business, including:

• Wheelchair ramps
• Wheelchair accessible entryways
• Wheelchair accessible showers/toilets
• Enhanced safety features
• Non-slip flooring
• Downstairs bedrooms
• Easy to use appliances and fixtures

Special needs accommodation renovations are ideal for physically disabled residents and residents that would like to age in place. Call Cornforth Construction today for more information about ways to upgrade your home with structural and technological renovation projects to accommodate those with special needs.

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